1. Show how run-length encoding can be used to compress the following text strea

1. Show how run-length encoding can be used to compress the following text strea

admin / July 3, 2018

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1. Show how run-length encoding can be used to compress the following text stream:xxxyyyyyyzzzzAAxxxxWhat is the compression ratio? (Assume each digit and letter requires 8 bits.)2. Using the variable length code shown give the internal coding of the following Hawaiian wordsalong with the amount of savings over the standard fixed-length four bit representation:a. KAIb. MAUIc. MOLOKAIExplain the problem that occurred with part (c).3. The primary advantage of using the binary numbering system rather than the decimal system to represent data is reliability as noted in Section 4.2.3. Describe two disadvantages of using binary rather than decimal notation for the internal representation of information.

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