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African-American studies essays focus on the study of the history, culture and politics of blacks in America. The discipline examines the effects of the society on blacks, their experiences and effects on the society. Slavery, segregation, activism and rebellion are the main themes in African-American studies.

Blacks, brought to America in slave ships, provided cheap labor in the vast plantations in the southern states. The economies of states such as Alabama, Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida flourished due to the exploitation of African-Americans in those states.

The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 failed to secure the freedoms and rights of African-Americans. The southern states passed the Black Codes to compel African-Americans to continue providing cheap labor in whites’ farms and companies.

The Black Codes became effective from 1865, less than 3 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. The creation of the Jim Crow laws, starting from 1890, marked the beginning of an era of explicit discriminatory practices, which led to substandard social, economic and political conditions for African-Americans.

Activism and rebellion by African-Americans were most evident from the 1960s through the activities and influences of the Civil Rights Movement.

From the 1960s, African-Americans challenged the social order in America. The chief objective of the African-American Civil Rights Movement was to end racial segregation against blacks and secure the recognition of African-Americans as legal citizens according to the U.S Constitution.

Some of the notable events associated with the Civil Rights Movement included Brown v. Board of Education case, Rosa Parks and the Bus Boycott, Desegregation of Little Rock High School, Freedom Rides and March on Washington.

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