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Annotated Bibliography Help

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a summary and evaluation of a list of academic sources such as books, journals, periodicals and web sites used to research a topic. When writing an annotated bibliography, you should ensure that you provide a clear summary of each source and an assessment of its relevance to the research topic.

An instructor may require students to write an annotated bibliography as an independent project or a part of a large research task. The most important step when writing an annotated bibliography is the selection of sources. Your choice of academic sources will determine the quality and relevance of your annotated bibliography.

Students should be cautious when defining the scope of their research topic so that they can chose appropriate sources.

Annotated Bibliography Help Online

Although annotated bibliographies may vary, a comprehensive annotated bibliography summarizes, assesses and reflects on a list of academic sources. The summary of your list of sources should indicate the main argument in each source and relevant topics.

Some of the key elements to highlight when writing an annotated bibliography include the sources’ thesis, methods of investigation and key conclusions. The chief purpose of assessing your list of sources is to determine the reliability and usefulness of each source to the research topic. You should explain how you would use the source in investigating your research question.

An analysis of the effectiveness of the methodology, evidence and conclusion offered by the source is paramount. At the end of the summary and assessment of your list of sources, you should reflect on how each source fits into your research. When you reflect on your list of sources, you can determine the most helpful sources and the way they shape the key ideas and arguments in your research project.

Annotated Bibliography Format/Citation

The format of your annotated bibliography will vary depending on the specific guidelines from your instructor. The two most common citation styles for writing bibliographic information in annotated bibliographies are APA and MLA. When writing your annotations, you should dedicate a separate paragraph for each source. The length of an annotated bibliography will vary depending on its purpose.

An annotated bibliography to summarize a list of sources will be shorter than an annotated bibliography providing a detailed analysis of each academic source.

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