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Anthropology essay papers deal with the study of humans with a focus on the social, cultural and physical aspects of societies. Four main sub-fields, socio-cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeological anthropology and linguistic anthropology, constitute the discipline of anthropology.

The description of different sub-fields of anthropology acknowledges the broad nature of the discipline, which forces humanities, social and natural sciences to converge.

History and anthropology confront one another in the analysis of humankind’s past. Natural sciences and anthropology interact in the discovery and explanation of the origin and evolution of humankind.

The variation of human beings in terms of their physical traits and behavior is another area, which forces anthropology and natural sciences to interact.

Anthropology and social sciences confront one another in the examination of human organization, cultures, social relations and conflicts.

Socio-Cultural Anthropology Papers Online

Socio-cultural anthropology uses the theories and concepts of cultural anthropology and social anthropology. Cultural anthropology describes the way people interpret the world around them. On the other hand, social anthropology describes the relationship among groups and humans.

The diverse nature of socio-cultural anthropology is evident by the fact that cultural anthropology uses philosophy, literature and arts to explain human customs and institutions. Similarly, social anthropology uses sociology and history to describe the development of social structures.

Biological anthropology entails the study of primates including humans in their biological, evolutionary and demographic scopes. Biological anthropology seeks to present evidence to describe the influence of biological and social factors on the evolution of primates.

Archaeological and Linguistic Anthropology Essay

Archaeological anthropology deals with the study of human past through material evidence such as artifacts and altered landscapes. Archaeological evidence helps anthropologists to deduce the patterns of human behavior and culture.

Linguistic anthropology entails the study of the development of verbal and non-verbal human communications and variation of language in different social and cultural settings. The analysis of different linguistic forms is paramount to the interpretation of the development of socio-cultural patterns.

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