Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays

The complexity and scope of research in writing an argumentative essay depends on the assignment instructions.

An argumentative essay tests the student’s ability to investigate and use authentic information to support his or her stance on a topic. Students should have brilliant analytical skills to evaluate the evidence regarding the essay topic.

One of the main differences between argumentative essays and expository essays is that the former entails extensive research and analysis of data. The detailed research involved in the writing of argumentative essays allows students to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the essay topic.

Students must collect accurate and up-to-date information to support both the thesis statement and discussion of conflicting views. You must take a stance when writing an argumentative.

The analysis of various surveys, observations and experiments helps you to understand other people’s points of view so that you can choose the position to support.

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An outstanding argumentative essay should have a well-developed thesis statement, which the writer will support in the essay’s body using relevant evidence and data. Your thesis statement should be the last sentence in the first paragraph of your argumentative essay.

The introductory paragraph of your argumentative essay should contain a general overview of the essay topic and explain why the topic is important. Your argumentative essay should have a seamless transition between its introduction, body and conclusion. You achieve an effective transition in your argumentative essay by ensuring that the idea in a new section is a continuation or extension of the idea in the previous section.

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Every paragraph in your argumentative essay should focus on one idea. This strategy helps you to avoid confusion due to the mix up of unrelated arguments.

Presenting each argument in its paragraph improves the readability of your essay. You should use genuine evidence to support your point of view. An outstanding argumentative essay should not solely focus on discussing the writer’s point of view. You should dedicate about one or two paragraphs of your argumentative essay to the discussion of the opposing views.

The presentation of your position on the essay topic should include an evaluation of the opposing views and analyses of evidence to persuade readers to change their stance on the essay topic. The use of personal opinions without supportive evidence has detrimental effects on the quality of your argumentative essay.

The discussion of opinions that conflict with the thesis statement of an argumentative essay demonstrates the maturity and professionalism of the writer. It is unethical for the writer to exclude opposing evidence when writing an argumentative essay.

The writer should use factual, logical and anecdotal evidence to illustrate that the opposing views on the essay topic are wrong or obsolete.

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The conclusion of your argumentative essay should restate the thesis statement and analyze the arguments in the body of the essay.

The conclusion should review the main points in your essay and can include a short discussion of further research on the essay topic.

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