Article critiques

Article critiques

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Global mega mergers article critique

Read the article, the dubious logic of global megamergers by Pankaj Ghemawat and Fariborz Ghadar, Harvard business review 78(2000). Find TWO additional academic articles related to the topic and write an analytical paper summarizing your understanding of the topic.

With the help of your two sources that you have found previously, explain why those two articles relate to the topic and what they bring us more to the understanding of the first article. You really need to explain your two articles and please do not forget that it is an international business class so you need to explain business notion in deep.

This is not a paper about summarizing the articles but an analytical paper. You really need to mix the three articles but please begin with the first that our professor gave us to read because it is the main article that has to be analyzed.

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