Article writing/Critical Review

Article writing/Critical Review

How to write an article/critical review

Writing an article/critical review involves summarizing and evaluating a text. Students may write critical reviews of books, journal articles or other assigned learning materials. A student should read the assigned text in detail and read other related texts so that he or she can present a reasonable evaluation of the assigned text.

Writing a critical review does not mean presenting a negative review of a text. An article/critical review means that the student has analyzed the information and or opinion presented in a text and provided a judgment of the information or opinion supported by authentic texts. The analysis involves identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the text.

Structure of an Article Review

The main parts of an article review are the Introduction, Summary, Critical review and Conclusion.

The introduction of an article/critical review announces the text’s author, title and topic. The writer should briefly explain the importance of the article’s topic to the chosen topic. You should include a clear and valid thesis statement in the introduction.

Thesis statement should emphasize that your intention is to review the content of the assigned text.


The summary of an article/critical review provides the key points of a text. It may also include a description of the text’s organization.

Review Section

The review section should include a balanced analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the assigned text and the text’s main features. The writer should assess the importance of the content of the article to the chosen subject/topic.

You should offer an assessment regarding the importance, relevance and standard of the article and the author’s claims and arguments.

Other important points to consider in writing the article review include the article’s provision of new information, concepts and ideas regarding the subject it covers, the quality of the writing, and the value and quality of the references used by the author.

A good article/critical review should include other texts to support the writer’s evaluation of the assigned text. The writer must reference those sources accordingly. It is important that the writer place the positive and negative points about a text in different paragraphs.

You should start with the negative points if your article review is overall positive. On the other hand, you should start with the positive points if your article review is overall negative.


The conclusion of your article review should offer an opinion on the relevance of the article’s information and the way to improve the article’s subject. The writer can also include the recommendations for further research. Some of the important tips when writing an article review include:

  • Read and re-read the text while underlining the key terms and points.
  • Check the text’s abstract, introduction, conclusion and headings to deduce the key points of the article.
  • List each point and makes notes based on the point.
  • Use reporting verbs and phrases.

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