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Buy Book Review

How to Write a Book Review

You should begin your book review with a summary of the text. You should limit the summary to the first couple of chapters.

The organization of your book review should consider the need to inform the reader about the text and provide an adequate evaluation of the work.

You should establish a reasonable balance between the text’s summary and evaluation.

The next step in writing a book review is to establish a background for the audience.You should write the background with the consideration that your audience has not read the text.

The background should include an introduction and summary of the characters to influence the readers’ interest. The background provides a bridge between the author and intended audience.

The third step in writing a book review is to explain whether you agree or disagree with the main characters/principles in the text. You should highlight the vital considerations the author might have included in the text.

The fourth step in writing a book review is your evaluation of the text. You should select one or a few key points to discuss the text. Your evaluation should include a comparison of the text with other works, in the same genre, by the author.

The discussion of the main themes, motifs and terms in the text is paramount. You should explain whether the text appealed to you in an emotional or logical way. You should end your book review by providing information about the book’s publisher and price.

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One of the essential steps in writing a book review is the revising stage. When you complete writing your book review, check that the names of the author(s), character(s), principles and publisher are correct.

Secondly, read your book review from the point of the audience to evaluate whether you have provided an adequate summary and evaluation of the text. You should check that your arguments about the text make sense.

Thirdly, check the accuracy and relevance of direct quotes in your review, especially when used to support your arguments.

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