C – Postpartum Care for Mother and Baby

C – Postpartum Care for Mother and Baby

Postpartum Care for Mother and Baby

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Essay on Postpartum Care for Mother and Baby
The postpartum period is a critical phase for mothers and might have adverse long-term effects if not handled appropriately. Postpartum care for mother and baby incorporates different measures aimed at managing physical and psychosocial changes in women after childbirth and the provision of infant care. Mothers are susceptible to risks such as hemorrhage, hypertension, postpartum depression and sore breasts. On the other hand, infants face health complications related to the immune system, digestive system, respiratory system and abnormal blood levels. The postpartum care for mother and child commences in the first hour after delivery, and entails the assessment of the mother’s physical status such as the condition of the uterus, vagina, bladder and perineum. Mothers experience psychosocial changes due to factors such as the experience of labor and birth, family reaction to the infant and the infant’s health. Mothers require clarification on details relating to labor, birth, and their health and that of the child. Interventions by nurses, physicians and family members help mothers to recognize their new status and the fact that the infant is a separate individual. Postpartum care for mother and baby caters for infants physical and health status, which have profound psychosocial impacts on mothers. The knowledge that a baby is premature leads to nervousness and fear due to the consideration of risks associated with premature births. One of the main risks associated with premature births is the need for blood transfusion due factors such as anemia, which results because of a low count of red blood cells and the high rate of breakdown red blood cells in premature babies. Babies who are born earlier than the recommended period of gestation require blood transfusion because their bodies cannot produce sufficient red blood cells. A low count of red-blood cells predisposes vital organs to stress due to inadequate supply of oxygen, which may lead to the death of a baby if the concerned parties do not implement immediate measures.

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