Can some one help me with the attached assighment for $20

Can some one help me with the attached assighment for $20

admin / July 3, 2018

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Available Nov 13 at 7am – Nov 20 at 11:59pm 8 days Assignment Three: Fact Sheet You should construct a thoughtful fact sheet that details some aspect…

Can some one help me with the attached assighment for $20


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Nov 13 at 7am – Nov 20 at 11:59pm 8 days
Assignment Three: Fact Sheet
You should construct a thoughTul fact sheet that details
aspect of the American court system,
including plea bargains and trials, sentencing, or the death penalty. ±his is material that corresponds to
chapters 7-9 in your text. You don’t need to cover everything, just some substan²ve aspect from this
sec²on. Make sure to read the rough the instruc²ons on this page as well as take the ²me to look at
these and/or other fact sheets. Let me know if you have any ques²ons along the way. You have Fexibility
in how to design your fact sheet, but it should
be a tradi²onal paper. It should come across looking
like a recognizable fact sheet.
A fact sheet provides meaningful informa²on about a topic in a format that is extremely brief and easy
to read. Experts use them to summarize the “state of the art” about a topic. ³act sheets are used to
provide an overview, to provide recommenda²ons and advice, and some²mes to convince the reader to
change their behavior. ±he focus is on providing what is essen²al and presen²ng the informa²on in a
way that is visually appealing and accessible.
Here are some examples of criminology and criminal jus²ce fact sheets (use these to help guide your
NAACP Criminal Jus²ce ³act Sheet
(Links to an external site.)
Crime, Incarcera²on Down in 2010
(Links to an external site.)
8 ³acts You Should Know about the Criminal Jus²ce System and People of Color
(Links to an external
Addic²on and the Criminal Jus²ce System
(Links to an external site.)
Enhancing ³airness and E´ec²veness of the Criminal Jus²ce System
(Links to an external site.)
Drug ±reatment in the Criminal Jus²ce System
(Links to an external site.)
³act Sheet ³ormat for ±his Assignment:

±he fact sheet should be around 3 pages long, double-spaced, not including a reference list.

Use 12 point font.

Some informa²on is more clearly communicated using µgures or tables, and you should make
use of this in your assignment when applicable. Note that the page limit should not exceed 4
pages (not including the reference list) and should unduly take away from text.

±he fact sheet should be based on material from the text
at least 2 recent (published within
the last 5 years) peer review ar²cles of your topic (from criminology and criminal jus²ce
journals, accessed via Ebsco). Informa²on from these sources should supplement material from
the text.

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All references used to create your fact sheet should be cited in the text and referenced on a
separate sheet at the end.

Make sure to use APA formaTng to cite your sources.
Here is a good guide to APA
(Links to an external site.)
Steps in Preparing your Fact Sheet:
Choose a topic. ±he focus is on some aspect of the American Court system, including actors (like
judges, prosecutors), trials, plea bargains, court structure, or the death penalty as a sentence.
Conduct a search of the literature. Use the CUH library online sources to search Ebsco for at least
two recent scholarly journal ar²cles. ±his will involve clearly deciding your ques²on or focus,
crea²ng a search strategy, and iden²fying “key words” and “subject headings.”
Limit the scope of the topic. A³er researching your topic to get a sense of its scope, you may
decide to study the court system in general or limit your topic by focusing on a speci´c aspect of
the process. I would recommend the laµer.
Keep the audience in mind. Fact sheets are wriµen towards a speci´c audience. For this
assignment, you should target your fact sheet to a fellow CUH student.
Summarize your results. What is consistent? What is controversial and why? What is not known
at all? What should be paid aµen²on to? What should be reformed or changed, if anything?
Your fact sheet is due by 11:59 p.m. on 11/20/16.

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