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Criminology entails the study of the causes, consequences and prevention of criminal behavior at the individual and social level. The science also examines the nature, extent and management of criminal behavior. Criminologists use the theories and evidence in sociology, psychology, psychiatry and social anthropology in their analysis of criminal behavior. Different theoretical perspectives are vital in the examination of criminal behavior. The social disorganization theory explains that poor and economically deprived communities have high levels of social disorder. The social disorders result due to the lack of informal social structures in those communities. The social ecology theory postulates that deteriorating neighborhoods, often characterized by high poverty levels and many abandoned buildings, exhibit high crime rates. The strain theory postulates that the mainstream culture encourages expectations of opportunity, freedom and prosperity, which become a powerful psychological motivation for citizens. The society’s expectation of its citizens pushes individuals to embrace deviant subcultures. The deviant behavior develops as an opposition to social structures, which create unequal opportunities. The sub-cultural theory focuses on explaining the development of cultural groups, which have fragmented away from the mainstream culture and formed their values and norms. For example, limited opportunities for youths from low-income families are likely to cause the youths to adopt illegal activities offering them better economic opportunities compared to the conventional means of earning a living.
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Control theories focus on examining the factors discouraging people to engage in criminal behavior. Criminology experts argue that an individual’s viewpoint about moral values, commitment to achievement and prescribed conventional activities influence his likelihood of becoming a criminal. The labeling theory postulates that individuals tagged as criminals may accept the label and continue their deviant behavior. According to theory, even the individuals, who reject a criminal label, may eventually accept it due to stigmatization. Trait theories explain that the brutalization of individuals during their childhood increases their likelihood of becoming violent criminals. The rational choice theory postulates that a swift and proportionate punishment deters criminal behavior. When the risk of committing a crime outweighs the benefits, an individual is unlikely to proceed with the unlawful act. The routine activity theory explains that crime opportunities in the day-to-day lives lead to criminal behavior. According to the theory, crime is likely to occur where there is a motivated offender, suitable victim and lack of a capable guardian.
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