D- Ebola virus and Ebola hemorrhagic fever

D- Ebola virus and Ebola hemorrhagic fever

Ebola virus and Ebola hemorrhagic fever

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The research paper on the Ebola virus and Ebola hemorrhagic fever will discuss the strains of Ebola and related viruses. The OnWorkGeek.Com will analyze the genetic variability of the Ebola virus, the known strains of the virus, differences between Ebola viruses and the species and families responsible for Ebola and hemorrhagic fever. We will discuss the reservoirs of Ebola including animals attacked by the virus and explain why the Ebola virus spreads from one species to another. The OnWorkGeek.Com will discuss the physical and chemical structure of the Ebola virus and its replication cycle in the host. Our discussion will include the tissues and cell types attacked by Ebola, the latency of the virus and its manifestation in different animal species. We will analyze the signs, symptoms, morbidity and mortality of the Ebola virus. The research paper will explain the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of Ebola virus including the identification of Ebola in the early and late stages, diseases with signs and symptoms similar to Ebola, options for treatment, and the challenges in providing treatment to Ebola victims in Africa. The OnWorkGeek.Com will discuss the transmission of the Ebola virus from animals to people, and from person to person. We will explain the possibility of airborne transmission of Ebola and discuss why Ebola has come into human population now, as opposed to any time in the past. Our discussion of Ebola hemorrhagic fever as an African disease will include the social, economic and political issues around the Ebola hemorrhagic fever, measures to prevent the spread of Ebola, African perception of Ebola, and the way local attitudes and beliefs affect efforts to fight Ebola. The OnWorkGeek.Com will discuss the history of Ebola outbreaks, status of the disease as pandemic and the response of the international community to Ebola. We will explain why Ebola failed to spread far in previous outbreaks and discuss whether the current Ebola outbreak will become a true pandemic.

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