F- Nationalism in Canada

F- Nationalism in Canada

Nationalism in Canada

The political events of the 19th and 20th century significantly influenced various aspects of nationalism in Canada and gave Canadians an outlook on nationalism that reflected doubts about European powers. The event signified a deviation from the characteristics of European nationalism. The global influence of the United States’ politics, culture and business affected the development of nationalism in Canada. Excessive nationalism triggered antinationalist and internationalist responses, which encouraged nations such as Canada to define their concept of nationalism. The desire for a moderate form of nationalism created a scenario whereby the Canadian government operated in a mixture of anti-nationalism and nationalism. Political events such as the Confederation strengthened concepts of nationalism in Canada. The political movements of the late 19th century and increasing nationalist sentiments among writers clearly illustrate the metamorphosis of nationalism in Canada.

The fall of the Laurier government because of its unpopular policies that sought to promote aspects of autonomy highlights the continued influence of nationalist dilemmas in the early 20th century in Canada. The First and Second World War further helped Canada to define its distinct form of nationalism encompassing both the aspects of culture and politics. The sense of nationalism in Canada considerably improved after the First World War. The activities of groups such as Group of Seven, establishment of forums and comments by writer such as William Arthur illustrate a period of the refinement of the definition of nationalism in Canada. The government of King Mackenzie sought to minimize its ties with the Great Britain and promote diverse virtues, values and anti-colonial nationalism. Although the liberal government’s decision did not encounter any resistance by the Great Britain, its determination to fade colonial symbols introduced dissatisfaction among a large number of Canadians who had developed significant attachment to British symbols.

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