French and American Revolutions

French and American Revolutions

admin / October 4, 2018

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             The French and American revolutions both have causes which are similar and different. Both had large wars in which many people died for what they believed in. There are both long term and short problems which are similar and different.

The French and American Revolution were very similar in their causes. The French and Americans weren’t properly represented, so they wrote new constitutions, and they were taxed to harshly. These were the main things that caused a Revolution.

The American revolution was mainly caused by the surplus taxes, regulations, and lack of correct representation in the English government. American colonists were angry because Great Britain imposed regulations on trade and limited the liberties. Also Britain did not give them a real representation, in which they had some say to what happened.

Britain assigned somebody from Britain to represent the colonists in America. They were angry because the person who represented them wasn¹t an actual colonists from America. This act of false representation of the American colonists was known as Virtual Representation.

Also Britain had taxation without representation. So the representative for America (from Great Britain) accepts taxes on behalf of the colonists, so almost any tax send upon the colonists will be tolerated. For example Britain basically made it mandatory for the colonists to pay for defense from Britain’s enemies in the seven years war, even though they could defend for themselves, and they had no one to defend themselves from.

Taxes were also made on other goods such as stamps (which was actually a tax in themselves), tea, liquor, and others. There were also many short term causes which led to the revolution such as: The Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre, and Stamp Act and others. .

The Boston Tea Party was an event in which colonists revolted in violence by throwing the incoming tax infested tea into the Boston Harbor.

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