H-Unstructured interviews

H-Unstructured interviews

Unstructured interviews

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Advantages of unstructured interviews

Unstructured interviews create an environment that fosters sympathy and empathy thus encouraging the discussion of confidential experiences. In addition, these interviews actively engage respondents in interviews by giving them control over the interview exercise, which leads to greater insights for the researcher. The lack of pre-set questions gives respondents the freedom to direct interviews and encompass a great scope of study. In this regard, interviewees feel that they are important participants of a research and are keen on providing extensive and accurate data.

Disadvantages of unstructured interviews

Unstructured interviews increasingly expand the scope of a research exercise making the comparison of data from different interviews considerably difficult. In addition, these interviews are prone to biased results since there are minimal limitations on interviewees’ responses. Biased response may arise due to diversity in the status between an interviewer and a respondent. Another disadvantage of unstructured interviews is that the process consumes a lot of time and finance before interviewers can obtain substantial information.

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