I-Descartes and the Natural Light of Reason

I-Descartes and the Natural Light of Reason

Descartes and the Natural Light of Reason

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Write an argumentative essay on the natural light of reason. Analyze how Descartes made the natural light of reason to be the single faculty of human beings that leads to enlightenment, but which underestimates the full range of human being in terms of what and how we can know things. Discuss Descartes as a perfect representative of the new scientific spirit. He feared and respected the censure of the church, but deferred to no intellectual authority other than the natural light of reason. For example, Descartes withheld the publication of the Treatise of the Universe upon hearing of Galileo’s condemnation. Explain whether reason has answered all the questions on human existence and human nature after more than 362 years since Galileo died. Analyze whether reason is as reliable as Galileo thought it to be.

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