L-Islam and Christianity and the meaning of life

L-Islam and Christianity and the meaning of life

Islam and Christianity and the meaning of life

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Islam, Christianity, Buddhism Papers
Write an argumentative essay on religion and the meaning of life discussing how Islam and Christianity offer the believer a meaningful path through life that an atheist cannot have. An atheist faces life with much courage compared to a Muslim or Christian because he must live his life and find meaning in it without the promise of salvation or life after death. Discuss how Christ, as a human, exhibited self-doubt and suffered a painful death at the hands of his persecutors to show people that human beings have their place in the scheme of heaven and earth. Explain how Islam sees God in all things and serves God’s will by acting according to its design. Buddhism teaches the way to enlightenment through the understanding that desire is the cause of suffering. However, Buddhism, like Islam and Christianity, has the message of love to humanity at the center of its teachings.

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