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Law essay papers discuss the enforcement of rules by various institutions that govern behavior. The judiciary is the main institution responsible for the enforcement of both criminal law and civil law. The constitution binds judges in the implementation of all laws. However, common law countries such as the U.K can create laws under the doctrine of precedent when dealing with non-constitutional disputes. Different entities create and influence laws. For example, legislatures create statutes, judges influence the common law jurisdiction and private individuals create contracts. The law shapes various aspects of human activities including politics, economics and relationships between people. The determination of the adjudication of law is a crucial process in writing law essays, term papers and research papers. Students should be able to determine whether the case assigned to them falls under criminal law or civil law.
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Civil law procedures focus on protecting the rights of individuals and describing the duties amongst them. The law shapes resolutions aimed at providing a legal remedy to the complainant. It is different from criminal law because its core objective is to safeguard compensation for the complainant due to an injury. The core objective of criminal proceedings is to punish the offender. Different specialties including contract law, trust law and tort law and administrative law, exist under civil law. Before you start writing your law essay, you should identify the most relevant legal subject. Criminal law deals with conduct threatening the social order. The law defines prison terms or fines for offenders. The core stages of the criminal procedure are investigation, apprehension, charging and trying the suspect. Criminal law describes different sentences and fines depending on the nature of the crime. The demonstration of the offender’s guilt must be beyond reasonable doubt for the court to issue a penalty. On the other hand, civil law (common law) deals with disputes between persons or organizations.
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