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Finance management deals with the allocation of capital, assets and liabilities under particular conditions. The study of financial management incorporates public, corporate and personal financial management. Public financial management entails the identification of the requirements of sources of revenue, budgeting process and expenditure of a public entity. Central banks are key players in public financial management. The influence of institutions such as the Bank of England and Federal Reserve on monetary policies determines the credit conditions in the U.S and United Kingdom respectively. The study of corporate financial management involves the identification of the source of funding, capital requirements and allocation of financial resources for a corporation. The chief focus of corporate financial management is to balance a corporation’s risks and profitability to ensure continued increase in the firm’s value. The study of personal financial management entails the evaluation of the effects of tax policies, credit, saving and economic stability on the planning, protection and development of personal finances.
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Financial management essays and research papers should incorporate relevant financial economics theories to demonstrate the interconnection between variables such as prices, interest rates and inflation. The effective management of financial risks requires the application of economic and financial models to determine the appropriate strategies in the context of personal, corporate and public financial management. The success of financial instruments and methodologies varies depending on the institutional and economic settings. For example, a corporation must determine the most effective mix of financing methods, stocks, bonds or bank loans, to ensure a sustainable capital structure.
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