Marketing analysis Marketing analysis Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis Marketing analysis Marketing analysis

admin / August 17, 2018

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Assignment Introduction In the past, organizations designed their advertising programs without consulting departments or agencies responsible for…

Marketing analysis Marketing analysis Marketing analysis


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Assignment Introduction
In the past, organizations designed their advertising programs without
consulting departments or agencies responsible for sales promotion or public
relations. The result was an uncoordinated and, in some cases, inconsistent
overall communication eFort. Today, savvy marketers like ±rito-Lay use an
IMC program to coordinate all promotional activities—advertising, personal
selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing—to provide a
consistent message across all target audiences. At a new-product launch, a
truly complete IMC program includes communications targeted at both
distributors (jobbers) and retailers in the channel of distribution as well as
those targeted at ultimate consumers.
Case Analysis
Lay’s had $800 million in sales within the $2.7 billion U.S. potato chip
market. But, it had no product to compete directly with Procter & Gamble’s
Pringles, which had a 60% share of the “pre-formed, stacked, potato-chip-in-
a-can” market segment.
In August 2003, ±rito-Lay launched its Lay’s STAX potato crisps, which are
stacked in a portable, resalable, crush-resistant container.
±rito-Lay identi²ed premium snack consumers in the United States who
were young adults as their target market. ±rito-Lay’s STAX promotional
objectives were two-fold:
Create awareness.
Achieve sales by reaching both retailers, and ultimately, consumers.
±rito-Lay developed a major IMC eFort directed at its retailers to encourage
and support them in their decision to stock and sell the new line of ±rito-
Lay’s STAX potato crisps. At product launch, there were four ³avors.
However, by early 2010, there were six ³avors sold in the United States.
Assignment Directions
Part 1
Building upon the background you just read, conduct additional research,
which should include ±rito-Lay, ±rito-Lay’s STAX potato crisps, marketing
campaigns conducted by ±rito Lay, as well as IMC programs. Visiting
(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
website may
be a good place to begin your research.

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Part 2
Based upon the synthesis of your research, please develop an IMC program
for the Frito-Lay STAX potato crisps that addresses the promotional
objectives previously laid out. Using the following matrix as a guide, be sure
to describe in detail your recommendations for speci±c actions (e.g.,
advertisements, coupons, POP displays, etc.) and why you believe these
actions will improve sales. Be sure to explain how these work as part of an
IMC program and not as stand-alone elements. What is the cohesive
message you are trying to portray?
Elements of the
IMC action
How the action produces sales
Personal selling
Public relations

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