N-Watson-Crick DNA Model

N-Watson-Crick DNA Model

Watson-Crick DNA Model

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Essay on Watson-Crick DNA Model
The first major breakthrough in the field of genetics occurred with Friedrich Miescher’s discovery of the DNA in the 1860s. Friedrich’s research preceded the Watson-Crick analysis, and played a key role in revealing the chemical and physical structure of the DNA. James Watson and Francis Crick relied on studies from previous DNA researchers such as Friedrich to identify DNA molecules, and develop models illustrating the major structural components of the DNA molecule. Early research by the two scientists revealed that the DNA molecule constituted of chains, purine and anti-parallel oriented chains. Further analyses on the composition of the DNA molecule revealed that it contained two chains of nucleotides arranged in a helix form. Apart from minor alterations on the Watson-Crick DNA model, the original version of the Watson-Crick DNA analysis remains largely unchanged to date. The unchanged features of the Watson-Crick Model include the concept of double-stranded DNA molecules with the Ts and Cs pairing with the Gs. Furthermore, the DNA molecule double helix is anti- parallel with the five ends of the prime strands pairing with the three ends of the complementary strands.
The Watson-Crick DNA model played a key role in unraveling the mystery regarding the passage of genetic instructions from one generation to another, and influenced increased funding and support towards human genome projects. The Watson-Crick DNA model has enabled the manipulation of DNA molecules to facilitate significant breakthroughs that would have otherwise remained unrealized in the fields of biotechnology and medicine.

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