POLS 5153 Writing Assignment Four! Please answer the fo

POLS 5153 Writing Assignment Four! Please answer the fo

admin / July 3, 2018

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POLS 5153 Writing Assignment Four! Please answer the following question in 6-8 pages of double spaced normal font with inch margins. Assignment is due no later than December 5 2012. Question 1 This assignment is very similar as the previous assignment only now you need to apply your skills to logit analysis. First select a data set that will allow you to explore a multiple logit regression model i.e. a model that includes more than one independent variable and a dichotomous dependent variable. This might include the factors that influence why someone votes or votes for a specific candidate why a country goes to war or intervenes or why a court decides the way it did. Write this up and present it in a standard manner. In this write up do the usual things you have to this point i.e. estimate a model and discuss the model. Be sure to specify your equation state your null hypothesis (same way as in your familiar regression models) the outcome of hypothesis tests how well your model fits the data and ultimately what the results of the analysis tell us i.e. look at the coefficients. Discuss some predicted probabilities for various data points in your data set. For this paper I would also like you to provide a brief discussion of your results in terms of odds ratios. This should also include a justification for the final model that includes a nested likelihood ratio test. Be sure to present this in an acceptable table. Write it up and submit.

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