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A research proposal addresses an academic or scientific research project. The document provides a comprehensive description of the intended project. The common reasons for writing research proposals include supporting a request for a research grant, fulfilling certification requirements for research and preparing for a dissertation. The research proposal literature should provide convincing information to support the need for a research study. Apart from demonstrating the rationale for a proposed research, a research proposal should provide a description of the research context, research questions, research design and methodology and significance of the research. The context of the research proposal should provide background information for the research, an overview of the relevant area of study and a summary of the current knowledge on the topic. The research questions for your proposal define the central aims and guide the research. When you reflect on the research questions, you narrow your research and come up with a feasible research proposal. The research methods for your proposal should explain how you will undertake your research. You should define the subject matter, discuss the overall approach (theoretical, primary/empirical approach) and its rationale, and specify the objectives. Your discussion of the significance of the research should explain how the study adds to the existing knowledge and the significance of the proposed topic to the field.
Tips to Write my Research Proposal
When writing a research proposal, you should avoid the pitfalls that can result in a weak research proposal. First, you should have a clear research idea or problem that addresses an identifiable gap in the existing body of knowledge. Secondly, structure your research proposal properly to ensure coherence. Thirdly, your research proposal should have a reasonable scope.
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