Research Proposal

Research Proposal

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The purpose of a research proposal is to convince sponsors, instructors or other targeted audience that you have a worthwhile project and competent work-plan to implement it. Regardless of the research area, a good research proposal should respond to the following questions.

1.What you intend to accomplish (chief objective)

2.Your interest in the proposed project

3.How the project will impact your discipline/institution/community

4.What others have done in the area of your project

5.How you plan to do it

Your research proposal should answer the questions above by providing sufficient information to convince the readers that you have an excellent research idea, background knowledge and methodology. While the project idea is the chief factor in determining the quality of a research proposal, a poorly written research proposal faces the risk of rejection. Your research proposal should be articulate and compelling. Although the guidelines for writing a research proposal may vary for different disciplines, a standard research proposal should have a title, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion and reference list.
The title of you research proposal should be concise and descriptive. The title should be captivating and summarize the research topic. For example, the phrase, ‘compensation and employee productivity’, would be a better title than the phrase, ‘an investigation of the relationship between compensation and employee productivity’.
Abstract/Executive Summary
The abstract is the window for your research proposal. It should provide a brief summary of the proposal with a focus on the research question, rationale for the study, the hypothesis, methodology and findings. The length of the abstract is usually less than a page.
The introduction provides the context for your research question so that it appears necessary and important. It begins with a general statement of the problem area with a focus on the research question or purpose of study followed by the rationale/justification for the proposed study. The end of the introduction should contain a hypothesis or thesis statement, which sets the boundaries of your research to provide a clear focus.
Literature Review
The purpose of the literature review is to evaluate scholarly materials such as books, journals, conference papers, surveys and other works related to the topic of your research proposal. You should limit your literature review to studies that have direct relevance to your research topic. You should group your texts in themes and summarize each text with a focus on its relevance to your research….CONTINUATION

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