T-Plato and Meno’s dialogue with Socrates

T-Plato and Meno’s dialogue with Socrates

Plato and Meno’s dialogue with Socrates

OnWorkGeek.Com will write an argumentative essay on Plato and knowledge of the soul and God. We will discuss how Plato uses Meno’s dialogue with Socrates to outline the argument that we can have knowledge of what is beyond empirical reality including God, the soul, free will and moral truths. We will analyze Plato’s argument as a way of defending the idea that human beings must have a soul and God must exist. Our discussion will include the importance of awakening the soul to knowledge, which is in the soul by posing questions to make what is implicit, explicit. In his dialogue with Meno, Socrates compares himself to a midwife who induces labor in a pregnant woman. Socrates induces intellectual labor in a soul pregnant with knowledge to answer Meno’s question, how is it possible to teach virtue? OnWorkGeek.Com will discuss how to teach virtue by causing our auditors to recollect what they have forgotten about the Good. Plato’s reference to a source identified as the Good suggests a transcendent presence that informs human nature as experienced in this life.

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