U-DNA testing to determine the risks of health problems

U-DNA testing to determine the risks of health problems

DNA testing to determine the risks of health problems

The use of DNA testing to determine the risks of developing health problems is one of the many emerging markets created by new technologies. Our discussion will analyze the debate on whether governments should adopt policies to regulate firms that provide DNA testing services. Opponents of the regulation Of DNA testing argue that the government does not have the right to prevent consumers from getting important information about their health status. On the other hand, proponents of government regulation argue that regulating the DNA testing market is crucial to ensuring the protection of consumers from wrong health decisions. Our discussion will respond to the following questions:
1. Are consumers able to make improved health decisions if they have access to information contained in their genes?
2. Do consumers always make better decisions when they have more information?
3. Should a life insurance company have access to the results of a DNA test?
4. The costs of a temporary ban on DNA testing
5. DNA testing is expensive enough that only the rich get it for the next few years. Over time, costs decline and everyone can get the test. This is much like many other technological products and services, such as computers, mobiles, and iPods
7. Consumers may make bad decisions based on information obtained from DNA testing, and so society should protect them from making such bad decisions..

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