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History essay papers deal with the study of the past and its relationship to humans. The word ‘history’ is an umbrella term encompassing, the discovery, collection, organization, presentation and interpretation of data and evidence about past events. Most history assignments entail the examination of the sequence of past events and relevant narratives. The process of writing a history essay paper will involve the determination of the cause and effects of past events. The authenticity of the sources of information used in writing history essays and research papers is an important factor for the discipline. The remembrance and preservation of past events in authentic forms determines the admissibility of a historical record. History students must identify the sources, which provide useful contribution to the development of correct accounts of the past. Written and oral accounts of past events are the most common sources analyzed by historians in the attempt to answer various historical questions. Another acknowledged source of historical knowledge is the physically preserved records on monuments, inscriptions and pictures. Historian may use the terms history and pre-history to refer to written and non-written records respectively.
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The study of pre-history is becoming increasingly important due to its role in ensuring the inclusion of civilizations that did not have a well-developed culture of writing. For example the study of paintings, carvings and drawings recovered in areas occupied by sub-Saharan Africans can provide rich information about their past. Pre-history brings together historians and archeologists due to the requirement for different sets of tools and theories to establish social and cultural changes for a civilization. History writing assignments often focus on historical periods and the events and developments during those periods. Historical periods are blocks of time allowing historians to classify and organize ideas and events in the order of occurrence. The assignment of names to periods influences they way historians view and study those periods.
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